Aug 12 2017

Subliminal Programming

Adel Gabot


i”ve been noticing that the people behind the prgramming of RTC CBS Extrene have been doing something sneaky in their edit of thier current Ghost Adventures promo. In rhe final frames of the promo, they inserted one single frame of what looks like a shot of the spooky girl from the film “Ring”, you know, the ink-stained face of the girl from that well,

In the special director”s edit of the 1973 film The Exorcist, the director inserted a couple of frames of scary pictures in the film to create an unnerving sense of disquiet and increase the sense of tension and fright in the movie. You hardly notice it, a literal “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, one of those freeze-frame moments you tend keep track of in your DVD watching.

I don”t know what the RTC CBS Extreme people are trying to accomplish here, bur it seems really sneaky and underhanded and seems suspicious as hell, but i don’t notice them doing it for their othrer shows.

Just the musings of someone with too much time on their hands.

Aug 11 2017

I’m back

Adel Gabot

I reliaze I haven’t done much writing in any sort of form since I got my second stroke, and the thought’s been weighing on me all these months. I got a couple of nice comments missing my entries on this blog (it’s nice to know there are a couple of diligent readers out there); and to tell the truth I’ve missed it too.Well, the short form of it is I’m back, st least as far as this blog is concerned.

I also realize I’ve been neglecting a huge part of who I am. I”m a writer, whether I like it or not, and that’s what going ro flost my boat for the duration. Neglecting it is neglecting myself.

I feel like I’ve wasted all these weeks of not writing here. After having a long time of expressing myself and what happens in my life, losing this avenue is a lot like dying, I’m not quite sure if I’m expressing myself properly now  No matter what, rest assured I’ll be writing here some more in the coming months.

Jul 27 2017

My room is flooding!

Adel Gabot

Goddammit. My room sprung a leak on the left north corner and is healthily, steadily flooding. I already put containers to catch the drops there the other day, and now with the near-continuous drizzle caused by the ITCZ, or the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone, it’s become a steady drizxle inside the room as well, I have to get that roof fixed right quick, else i become permanently waterlogged. Somehow the drip misses the containers and spreads quickly through the entire floor area, drenching nearly everything. It doesn’t help that the Magic Mop is broken, meaning I have no convenient way to mop up the mess. Aárghhh!

Mar 12 2017

Again, a stroke

Adel Gabot


I had another stroke.

Well, according to the MRI, I’ve had several. Some small ones, and one major one.

Put me out of sorts for a while.

This is why I’ve been out of commission for a while now.

Don’t worry. I’m fine.

This is compounded by some technical disasters. One, my big TV wonked out. On the morning of the Oscars, all I could hear was Jimmy Kimmel talking, I couldn’t see anything. No picture. For another. my big iMac died on me. Bad hard drive. Same with the MacBook Pro.

I revived the notebook. At a loss. I had to give up one of my external drives. One I was using as Media Drive 3. But things are more or less fine now, I”m using it to write this entry.

I donr have the patience to write anymore. An Explore Philippines assignment came in during this period, and I barely finished ir, I barely made it rhrough. i don’t even like writing in this blog.

Nov 23 2016

I forgot—again

Adel Gabot


Here I go again, forgetting that malls now open at 11AM instead of the customary 10AM for the Christmas season. I went to Cubao at 9:58AM (Cubao is my base of operations of late), and realized that, once again, I was an hour early to do anything constructive here. Crap.

Now I have to kill time at the Ali Mall Starbucks. Unlike the mall, they opened at 8. But I wasn’t in the particular mood for coffee; I just had some Barako before leaving the house, and I was still buzzing from it. So I’m just sitting here passing away the time until the malls open and idly writing a blog post.

It started here. Ali Mall began their new one-hour-later schedule last week, earlier than all the other malls, and that was a painful lesson to learn, but I managed to after a couple of days of killing the extra hour off. I just hadn’t realized the other malls in Cubao, and presumably malls all over Metro Manila, had joined the club.

I’m actually here to load up my PayMaya Visa credit card, the only card I have at the moment, having painfully learned my fiscal lessons long ago. It’s actually more of a debit card, and it has to have sufficient funds to buy the stuff you’re ordering first before it lets you buy them. Which is just how I like it: a credit card that doesn’t incur any credit.

It took me a while before I could work off the immense credit card debt I had amassed before, and I wasn’t going through that mess again. I didn’t have the necessary discipline to have a credit card, I guess. I’m buying some stuff online, and need to deposit funds into the card so I could. Which was why I was here.

I could have loaded the cash into the card at the SM Payment Center of their grocery at the basement of SM Cubao; they were open at 8, but I found out this morning that only the Payment Center on the 3rd floor had the ability to load PayMaya cards. So I had to wait for it to open at 11.

So, it’s almost 10 and the mall itself is almost open, and I can walk through the causeway directly to the 3rd floor of SM and finally load up my card. Here we go.

Sheesh, what a waste of an hour.

At least I got to write this.