Oct 5 2016

Sierra beta blues

Adel Gabot



The macOS Sierra betas have been giving my keyboards conniptions lately.

On my beloved Model M IBM Mechanical Keyboard, which I use by default on the 27″ iMac, the letter “h” has turned into “i”, and no matter what I do, that’s seems to be how it is for the near future. So an amused “hehehe” becomes the idiotic “ieieie”.

I went back to the old reliable Apple Wireless Keyboard the iMac came with, and discovered the left and right arrow keys there are effectively dead, as is the plus and equal key (I can’t even type the symbols to explain the problem and have to type “plus” and “equal” out.) I don’t know if there are other affected keys, but I don’t think I want to find out.

It’s not a total deal breaker. I can always mouse the cursor around to the proper place, and I don’t really use the plus and equals signs much, if ever. The h-i issue I can’t fix, but I can live with. But let me tell you, it’s damned irritating.

I’ve complained and brought the matter up to Apple, mostly by the Feedback Assistant they thoughtfully provide beta testers with, but no solution as yet.

I had hoped it was a temporary glitch that will be resolved by the next beta rollout, but they released Beta 3 this morning (yes, another one, but this time I welcomed it), and the problems are still there.

Maybe I should reinstall Sierra from scratch? No, too much effort.

Dammit, Apple, get your act together, will you?

Sep 23 2016

New macOS beta—what?

Adel Gabot


Apple released the macOS 10.12.1 beta this morning to testers.

This, after the official release of macOS 10.12 just two days ago.

Man, can’t we enjoy an honest-to-goodness official release for just at least a week or maybe just a few days before you release a new beta?

Of course I already updated.


Sep 20 2016

RIP Space Ghost voice actor

Adel Gabot



Clay Martin Croker, longtime voice actor for, and animator of The Cartoon Network‘s Space Ghost: Coast to Coast on Adult Swim died yesterday of undisclosed causes.

He was 54.

I’m 54.


Does the waiting start now?

God, I’m so old.

Sep 16 2016

…so I went and bought one

Adel Gabot



Troubled greatly by the fact that I was short one external hard drive (actually two) of my accustomed computer setup, I went hurriedly to look for a replacement drive yesterday.

I have to save up to get a bigger one, but at least I went and got a new 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim (which was the same brand as the drive that had previously tanked—I hope I didn’t make a bad decision), which will serve me well until I can get another (bigger) drive.

Even though I said that hard drives were pretty inexpensive these days, it wasn’t really cheap to me, considering my current financial situation. I looked at external drives sold online, but the good, reasonable ones were expensive, and the cheapest ones looked, well, cheap. I decided to buy from a brick-and-mortar store, it was the same difference.

The drive I got was smaller than I expected, smaller than my smallest, the WD My Passport Ultra 10th Anniversary Edition. The case was a nice royal blue, and it came with a proprietary cord, and that was it. Once you get the extensive packaging out of the way, all you’re left with (and all that really matters) is the small drive and the short cord.

I spent the rest of the day shuffling my iMac‘s data around so I could free up a 500GB drive to be my dedicated Time Machine backup, then redirecting some of the concerned apps’ preferences to refer to the files’ new locations on the new data drive. Some of them, like Plex and Photos, had to re-index the files again, and that’s never a pleasurable experience.

And sheesh, doing a complete TM backup of my system again sure took a long time—it just finished early this morning. But at least I’m secure and backed-up now.

I can breathe easy again.


Sep 4 2016

Click clack

Adel Gabot



Not that I’m going to be unfaithful to my beloved 32-year-old IBM Model M Mechanical Keyboard, but I saw something on The Verge’s Circuit Breaker website early this morning that really got me going.

It’s supposedly “the clickiest mechanical keyboard of all time,” one with modified Cherry switches that click both on the way down, and on the way up in a technology they call the Mecha-Membrane. It’s the Razer Ornata Keyboard, and it’s supposedly the clickiest keyboard known to man.

You guys know how I am with mechanical keyboards. I’ve written about it on this blog enough times. It’s kind of a minor obssession. And this Ornata keyboard seems pretty interesting.

Razer also built it with a “mid-height” key travel so the keys don’t plunge as much as a traditional mechanical keyboard yet still have that satisfying “click” we all love. And that double-clicking tech they’ve introduced makes it seem the typist is really going at it something fierce. I saw a video and it seemed like the typist was popping bubble-wrap at a frenetic pace. Not to mention getting dagger-looks from his co-workers.

It also comes with a wrist-rest that affixes to the bottom of the keyboard magnetically, but how the hell I’m going to manage that with my computer table’s small keyboard shelf is anybody’s guess.

The best part about this keyboard is the price: the RGB version goes for $100 (which, in all honesty, is too damned gaudy for me), and the monochrome green backlit one (which seems perfect) goes for just $80!

I’m going to make it my mission to go look for and buy one of these babies. The monochrome green backlit one. I sure hope they have specific Mac-compatible models, but I’ll take anything.

I hope my Model M understands.