Oct 5 2016

Fare thee well…

Adel Gabot



Saw this on the internet this afternoon.

I had one.

For a long time, I used it and enjoyed using it. It worked well for years, up until the day it didn’t. This was late last year.

I mourned the loss.

It was a faithful, loyal gadget, and it stood up to my casual and constant everyday use and abuse. I watched the hell out of it, everyday. Then suddenly, it just quit working. Just stopped. I was devastated, but there was no way around it. It was gone.

It just so happened, around the time it quit on me a new model had just come out. The features were nicer, better. More modern. It was a little bigger than the old one, but still around the same handy size.

I was kind of hoping to use the one I had for a couple of years more at least, but it was not to be.

So, grudgingly, I bought that latest model, the 4th one they put out. And I am a happy camper again.

But I won’t forget the old one, the one that I loved and lost.

Ye shall be missed, 3rd gen Apple TV.



Sep 16 2016

…so I went and bought one

Adel Gabot



Troubled greatly by the fact that I was short one external hard drive (actually two) of my accustomed computer setup, I went hurriedly to look for a replacement drive yesterday.

I have to save up to get a bigger one, but at least I went and got a new 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim (which was the same brand as the drive that had previously tanked—I hope I didn’t make a bad decision), which will serve me well until I can get another (bigger) drive.

Even though I said that hard drives were pretty inexpensive these days, it wasn’t really cheap to me, considering my current financial situation. I looked at external drives sold online, but the good, reasonable ones were expensive, and the cheapest ones looked, well, cheap. I decided to buy from a brick-and-mortar store, it was the same difference.

The drive I got was smaller than I expected, smaller than my smallest, the WD My Passport Ultra 10th Anniversary Edition. The case was a nice royal blue, and it came with a proprietary cord, and that was it. Once you get the extensive packaging out of the way, all you’re left with (and all that really matters) is the small drive and the short cord.

I spent the rest of the day shuffling my iMac‘s data around so I could free up a 500GB drive to be my dedicated Time Machine backup, then redirecting some of the concerned apps’ preferences to refer to the files’ new locations on the new data drive. Some of them, like Plex and Photos, had to re-index the files again, and that’s never a pleasurable experience.

And sheesh, doing a complete TM backup of my system again sure took a long time—it just finished early this morning. But at least I’m secure and backed-up now.

I can breathe easy again.


Sep 15 2016

Another one bites the dust…

Adel Gabot



Damn. It.

I just had another hard drive failure yesterday.

This time it was my 500GB Seagate GoFlex Satellite, that wonderful portable drive with a battery that transmits via wifi as well, so you can use it for storage outdoors completely unconnected by any sort of wires, making it perfect for, say, iPad use, which was what I bought it for.

I originally got it for almost P10k at a store in the SM North mall years ago. Imagine that.

These days you can get an external drive with twice the storage space at about a fourth of the cost. As in a 1TB slim at P2.5k. What the hell was I thinking? Well, then again, those were the heady old beginning years of portable, powered storage, and things came at a premium. I don’t really regret buying it at that price; it’s served me well.

I was using it as a temporary fix for an earlier hard drive failure that happened two weeks ago, while I went about looking for an inexpensive new one, using it as a temporary Time Machine backup drive for my big iMac. Now even that fix has tanked.

I really have to get a new external drive. Really.

Again—Damn. It.

Sep 8 2016

Just as I thought…

Adel Gabot



Apple did remove the 3.5mm plug, and in the same breath included a Lightning-to-3.5mm adaptor in the box of the iPhone 7 and 7s.

They also brought out a brand new wireless earphone technology called AirPods, which suspiciously looks like the old EarPods with the cords unceremoniously cut off.

Not-quite-Bluetooth-but-similar, they have a brand-new chip and various sensors inside, and an all-new noise cancelling technology, with a carrying case that charges the Pods for up to five times before you need to charge the case itself. (The Pods last up to five hours on a single charge.)

I appreciate the effort, but damn they look hideous, like white earwax dripping off the sides of your head. I suppose it’s necessary for the mic and the noise cancelling circuitry, but couldn’t they at least made it look prettier? Also, they look damn easy to lose. I predict lots of them littering the paths of joggers.

And they cost $160 a pair. More money in the bank for my favorite named-after-a-fruit company.



Sep 7 2016

What’s all the fuss about a jack?

Adel Gabot



It’s the eve of the September 2016 Apple iPhone event, and everyone’s buzzing about the iPhone 7—and whether or not it’ll retain the 3.5mm headphone port that’s been rumored to be removed, in favor of using headsets with a lightning jack instead. Or some new wireless kind that Apple is pushing, most likely Bluetooth-based.

I say, what’s the big deal?

I own at least a dozen headsets of various configurations with that 3.5mm jack, and to be honest, I don’t ever use any of them with the iPhone. I use them with the audio gear in the house, sure, but never ever with my phone. And I do that for a couple of good reasons: 1) wired headsets bug me when I’m out and about (I always get entangled in that wired mess) and 2) I just simply hate using wired buds.

For the iPhone, I’d gotten used to using Bluetooth wireless earphones, so that 3.5mm jack on my phone has to my knowledge never been jacked into at all. I’m comfortable with absolutely no wires tethering me to my phone, and I like it that way. The jack might as well not be there at all, as far as I was concerned.

I know all the arguments against the current Bluetooth audio technology, that they’re just this side of noisy, and they often cut in and out and have audio artifacts littering the soundstage. Yes, but largely that’s been improved with the current crop of headsets, and they’re just a slight annoyance now, if anything.

In a week of constant usage, I’ll have brief dropouts maybe once or twice, no more. It’s fine. I’d use my wired ones listening to symphonies on my home stereo, but when I’m on the road, it’s just my wireless ones. It’s only for a damn phone, for goodness sake!

So I have no problems at all if Apple decided to leave out that 3.5mm jack on their latest model of iPhone. Junk the jack for all I care. More power to you if you do!