Jun 5 2016

So there!

Adel Gabot



May 23 2016

Looking for a job. At my age.

Adel Gabot


I’m here at Starbucks ABS-CBN, killing time before my interiew with the HR Department guy.

Yes, I’m looking for a regular job. At ripe old age of 54. I finally decided that this freelancing thing is getting long in the tooth, and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of waiting around and looking for jobs. Big and small gigs, spaced too far apart for my comfort. Five years of this can run anyone down.

And yes, I’m back in my old stomping grounds, good ol’ ABS-CBN. An opening offered itself last week, and I applied. It’s for Editor-in-Chief of an online part of the big conglomerate. Although I’m a bit miffed that I’ve had to suffer the indignity of an exam (an effing long one, I might add; two hours!) and an interview later today, giving that I left here as Copy Chief of the publishing division five years ago.

I have to admit, ABS is on the ball, for such a big company. Their notice came out last Thursday, and I applied then. They called me after lunch the same day to come in for an exam and interview the next day, but I couldn’t go and they rescheduled me for 10AM today. The other online job offers take weeks, sometimes a month before they reply.

This is the most promising one, actually. There are several openings for other (lesser) positions in the various publishing companies around, but at this point I’m willing to take anything. This one is good though, and pretty convenient for me as far as location is concerned—the pay certainly isn’t bad. But let’s not count the chickens until, well, you know.

Wish me luck.


May 13 2016

Rethinking selling the MacBook Pro

Adel Gabot



Ever since I got an iPad (again), I’ve been halfheartedly trying to sell my old MacBook Pro online—to no success. All I’ve been getting are dozens of lowball inquiries and many scammers trying their level best to scam me out of my notebook. The few serious buyers have all panned out for one reason or another, and as such, the MacBook is still with me.

It’s not that it isn’t being used. Well, not as much, anyway. The iPad took much of the MacBook’s usefulness away, so it just sits in its bag, being charged up every couple of weeks just in case I actually needed it, and regularly getting updated and backed up even if it’s not being used (because that’s how I roll, man).

I do most of my work on the big-ass iMac at home, and in the event that I have to take the work outdoors, I bring the iPad mini, which is much more convenient than lugging around a heavy MacBook Pro with a short (relatively) battery life; much shorter than the iPad’s anyway.

But it’s not a bad unit, really.

It’s a mid-2010 13-inch model, and I’ve upgraded the old hard disk it came with to a 256GB SSD, which makes it work wicked-fast. I wish the big-ass iMac was more like it, actually. But SSDs are damned expensive (especially large ones), and getting the iMac’s drive replaced is an involved process involving a huge amount of disassembly and reassembly best left to someone with more experience than me. I thought about replacing the MacBook’s ancient battery, but it was still servicable if a bit limited in longevity, so I let it be for now.

So for a long time, the MacBook just wallowed in my room, a white elephant that I didn’t really need to use.

Until, that is, a couple of weeks ago, when we set up some outdoor patio furniture in the open-air garage outside in our yard, and began spending a lot of time there because it was cooler in this summer heat than my stuffy old room. At least I thought so, anyway.

Thing is, what do you do in an outdoor situation like that? How do you spend the time?

Knowing me and knowing I don’t like to be offline a lot, the best solution was: get the MacBook Pro out of mothballs and bring it down with you and work and surf at leisure!

Of course!

So the MacBook is enjoying a second life now as my secondary (my iPad mini is demoted to tertiary). I’ve set it up to mirror the big iMac as much as possible, so that my computing experience is the same no matter where I work, and it’s fine! I’ve actually done a couple of articles outdoors in my new “office.” And on days where I don’t have work, I run the old battery down surfing, Googling, checking my Twitter and Facebook feeds and writing blog entries like I’m doing now.

So I’m seriously rethinking whether or not I should really sell this notebook. The old coot finally found its second wind, and I don’t know if I should take down the ads on TPC and OLX.

What do you think? Sell or not?

Dec 26 2015

A somewhat amusing Beatles aside

Adel Gabot



Beginning 12MN Chrismas Eve, The Beatles‘ entire oeuvre was made available to freely stream over most of the internet’s music services and other digital venues, and was made available for sale to most of the net’s music stores (with the exception of Google and Amazon) to be sold tinge, or song-by-song, instead of the by-album paradigm some holdout artists still insist on.

Finally! This is a great Christmas gift, as an acquiantance of mine said over Twitter, for oldies and oldies song lovers like me.


You might remember me writing about Rubber Soul recently on this blog, and this development seems appropriate and timely in light of that. The Beatles have long been reticent and insistent that their work not be sold piecemeal, but now it seems they’ve had a change of heart.

Bravo, Apple Records! It sure took you long enough.

Oddly enough, this reminds me of an amusing incident a long time ago, when I was just beginning my career in FM radio as a disc jockey, back in DWRK-FM 96.3. (I was sidetracked into this work while waiting to get started on my dream career, which was to be a bestselling novelist.)

I took out a Beatles greatest hits album (I forget which now) and put it on the turntable and cued it to a song which I thought was Paperback Writer. Then, I went on the mic and said, “Coming up, a Beatles song that talks about what I would like to be when I grow up.”

On the other end of the commercial break, I played the song, and it turned out to be… Girl.

It took a long time for me to live that down.



Dec 11 2015

Keeping busy

Adel Gabot


Been spending the past week putting the finishing touches on the bonds book I’ve been editing, and it’s been crazy.

Mostly a case of nitpicking and spot editing, it’s largely been a game of endless email tagging between me, the layout/designer guy, the authors and some people from their office, turning to the manuscript again and applying the last-minute changes and editing what they’ve changed, then handing it off to the designer.

Over the past few days it’s been a furious back-and-forth, but it’s finally settled to a trickle since last night, and I think the book is finally through. I’m just waiting for some last-minute catch-up cleaning, if ever. If there isn’t any more, than we can finally submit it to the printer later today. And the sooner that’s done, the sooner I can get paid, and put my 2015 to rest.

In other news. my brother gave me his MacBook Air (my old one that I sold to him) to reinitialize and install El Capitan, then install all the apps he needs to work.

His (my) MacBook Air has been a terrible mess of a Yosemite system, with tons of icons everywhere on the screen placed haphazardly all over. I couldn’t stand that, me with my anal, obsessive-compulsive sense of order and organization, and after a few years, neither could he. Being weaned on Windows systems, he usually leaves the Mac nerdiness to me, and he decided he’s finally had enough of the disorganization and mess.

So he gave it to me to do a from-the-bottom reinstallation and streamlining of his system, and junking everything else he doesn’t really need. I’m only glad to do it; I couldn’t stand to see him fussing about with that mess of a setup, but held my tongue because generally we live and let live. But sheesh, I’m glad he finally decided to fix it.

I’m glad to upgrade his system to El Capitan—kinda hilarious because only a couple of weeks ago I was loathe to do it, if the 10.11.2 beta hadn’t come along and squashed all the bugs out of the new operating system. Now I’m all agog for it, and specially because I’ve also updated my bootable USB Yosemite flash drive to El Cap using DiskMaker X and have been dying to try it out.

I have all of today to install the OS and his apps on the MacBook, in between waiting for last minute changes and corrections to my book project. I’m looking forward to doing this. I enjoy setting up a new system, even if it isn’t mine.