Dec 30 2015

My left foot

Adel Gabot


Since Monday morning, my left foot has been acting up.

It was painful, as if I had banged my big toe on something really hard. Yet I hadn’t, and I think I would recall something that momentous happening to an appendage. In fact I don’t remember doing anything to it, save for, admittedly, a slightly vigorous and aggressive cleaning and toenail clipping Sunday morning, the day before.

By the evening, it had worsened enough for me to make me hobble when I walked, and by the time I went to sleep, it had settled into a deep and probing ache, which worsened when I put any weight onto the foot. I supposed it was just one of those things, and would clear up the next morning.

Tuesday morning it had become much worse. I literally couldn’t walk. Any pressure on it gave me tremendous pain. Even the leather material of my slip-on slippers touching the front part of my foot (the big toe and the surrounding area) made me cringe in pain. I had to cancel a lunch date with my daughter because of it and postpone it for the weekend.

My foot certainly didn’t look any different. There was no swelling or anything, at least until towards the afternoon when it started to look a bit reddish in bright light, seemed to be a little warmer than usual and seemed to have swelled a bit, but I had to look real hard to notice. Then again it could have been my imagination.

But the pain was real. Man oh man, it really was.

I had trouble going down to the dining room for lunch and dinner, hobbling slowly along and mewling with pain like an old man with a war wound. It pulsed hotly and painfully with my heartbeat when I stood up straight, and I had to raise my foot to my computer chair when I sat down to ease the pressure and alleviate the pain.

My daughter had asked if I wanted to see a doctor for it, and I laughed and told her of course not. It’ll sort itself out in a few days. But privately, I wasn’t so sure anymore. Seeing a doctor might be a good idea after all.

But this morning, it seemed a little better, and by lunchtime it had improved noticeably. Now, as we approach evening, it seems tremendously better and was merely a nuisance, as compared to the debilitating condition that required me to lie motionless in bed for most of the day before. At this rate, it should be fine by tomorrow, and I could go do my normal activities.

What the hell was that all about, I ask?

Damn, getting old is such a pain.