Aug 23 2017

iPod Shuffle

Adel Gabot



I found my old iPod Shuffle among my things, along with a charging device I spent a lot for some time ago. I weighed the value of the device against its potential usefulness and I’m glad I bought it.

Firing the silver iPod up, I found delight in the songs I put into into it hem.way back when. I liked each and every song on it! It’s like Adel’s Greatest Hits. Each and every song was a favorite. Walang tapon. It’s like uncovering a treasure trove when you weren”t expecting anything. I don’r really remember the machine I recorded the songs on, but I’ll be careful not to sync it on today’s ITunes, lest I erase everything. (I gotta find a way to back it up. Hmm, that’s a challenge.)

I used my iPhone 6’s earPods on the iPod, and they were perfect, (although the earPod controls don’t work on it — too new-fangled, I guess.)  I had to research the controls on the iPod. I’d forgetten them; it’s been so long.

It’s really nice to find a device with such great memories,

Aug 12 2017

Subliminal Programming

Adel Gabot


i”ve been noticing that the people behind the prgramming of RTC CBS Extrene have been doing something sneaky in their edit of thier current Ghost Adventures promo. In rhe final frames of the promo, they inserted one single frame of what looks like a shot of the spooky girl from the film “Ring”, you know, the ink-stained face of the girl from that well,

In the special director”s edit of the 1973 film The Exorcist, the director inserted a couple of frames of scary pictures in the film to create an unnerving sense of disquiet and increase the sense of tension and fright in the movie. You hardly notice it, a literal “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, one of those freeze-frame moments you tend keep track of in your DVD watching.

I don”t know what the RTC CBS Extreme people are trying to accomplish here, bur it seems really sneaky and underhanded and seems suspicious as hell, but i don’t notice them doing it for their othrer shows.

Just the musings of someone with too much time on their hands.

Aug 11 2017

I’m back

Adel Gabot

I reliaze I haven’t done much writing in any sort of form since I got my second stroke, and the thought’s been weighing on me all these months. I got a couple of nice comments missing my entries on this blog (it’s nice to know there are a couple of diligent readers out there); and to tell the truth I’ve missed it too.Well, the short form of it is I’m back, st least as far as this blog is concerned.

I also realize I’ve been neglecting a huge part of who I am. I”m a writer, whether I like it or not, and that’s what going ro flost my boat for the duration. Neglecting it is neglecting myself.

I feel like I’ve wasted all these weeks of not writing here. After having a long time of expressing myself and what happens in my life, losing this avenue is a lot like dying, I’m not quite sure if I’m expressing myself properly now  No matter what, rest assured I’ll be writing here some more in the coming months.