Nov 9 2017

90-min Movies

Adel Gabot

I’ve always wondered how GMA-7 could consistently feature 90-minute movies in their Box Office portion. Don’t movies run for two hours on average? Not 90-minutes for sure. Maybe less than a couple of hours, certainly. Usually they “Tagalize” it, meaning dubbing it in the local dialect, in Tagalog. Not until I saw the dubbed version of Train to Busan, a film I’m pretty familiar with, did I realize they also arbitratily edit it too to fit the time constraints.

i noticed two separate scenes in the beginning that were shortened considerably. It’s not as if these scenes were important to the storyline, but they were long: one office scene involving out here and his officemate, and one involving our hero and his daughter. discussing famiy matters. It’s definitely one way to shorten a movie’s running time.