Strange PS4 quirk

Adel Gabot



My PS4 is weird.

If it’s just standing by, idling, waiting for me to get off my ass and start using it, it will somehow sense if I’m going to, and fully wake, raring to go. The screen, which had dimmed after ten minutes as it usually does to conserve power and save the screen from burn-in, will brighten and fully wake up—before I actually do anything!

My iMac workstation is right beside my entertainment center, and often, when bored, I just move from my work chair a couple of feet to the left to my La-Z-Boy and watch TV or play a game. It’s a constant battle, a major distraction from my work. I should actually move my damn workstation far and away to make sure these things don’t happen.

Sure, someday.

Often, I’m working and writing stuff and I get writer’s block (which is often) and I decide to have a change of pace by playing a game. Thing is, I’m still at my iMac‘s keyboard, and I’m just turning to grab the DS4 controller when the PS4 wakes up!

It’s as if it’s reading my mind. As if it had a life of its own.

And sometimes, I’m sitting in the lounge chair, reading off my Kindle, when I get tired of the novel I’m iand decide to play a game. I put the Kindle down and my hand reaches out to grab the DS4 when the PS4 suddenly blinks awake. Thing is, my hand hasn’t touched the dang controller yet, it was just about to.

Or sometimes I pass by my entertainment center on the way to doing something else, and the damn console wakes up, beckoning me to play, hoping to be used, and sometimes, if what I was doing wasn’t that important, I give in.

Oh, I know it’s just some motion sensor or something like that in the controller detecting my movements and waking the PS4 from its slumber, but it’s gotta be a damn sensitive one, if that’s the case. Really sensitive.

Or is my PS4 haunted? Hmm.

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