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Aromatherapy. I’m getting into it. God help me, I’m actually getting into it.

Although in a roundabout way, really. Let me tell you the story.

As I work on my computer at home, I’m constantly bothered by frigging mosquitoes. They bite my arms, my thighs, any exposed area through the course of a workday (which is anytime, really), and I find myself constantly scratching. Scratching, scratching. It’s irritating in a way that’s unrivalled by anything else I know. Dammit.

I can’t imagine how they get to me, there aren’t any stagnant sources of water around for them to breed in. It only started when the rainy season began, so I guess there must be at least one place near, although I haven’t discovered it yet.

So I went about seaching for mosquito-killing solutions, and trawled the net for them.

The cream-based repellants are out; they’re really a bother to put on and reapply during the day. So are the spray insecticides. Aside from being a health hazard, they don’t really last long, and pretty soon the pesky insects are there to feed again.

I researched the electrified traps, but quickly found out that was a scam. Those things are for other, bigger insects. The mosquitoes aren’t attracted to the UV light at all, so those that are caught are just statistical anomalies and are dead because of the luck of the draw: just 5% of those trapped and caught are mosquitoes. Even if they say “mosquito killer” on their ads don’t ever believe it.

There are those expensive ones that expel CO2 and a bit of heat that really attracts them, and even has a suction thing that pulls the mosquitoes in, but they’re expensive as hell if they’re even available at all. So that’s out.

But I also found out that citronella oil is a good insect repellant, particularly for mosquitoes, and if you burn some of that oil in an oil burner, that would do it. And it smells good too.

Which bring me to aromatherapy.

My wife is a firm believer, and she used to burn oil in our bedroom before, but she used those obscenely fragrant exotic oils that used to just give me fragrance headaches, so I never really got into it.

I went and reseached online a bit more, and found sources for citronella oil, and I even found an electronic oil burner that would simplify the process. But I wanted to try it out again first. Although I didn’t have the first idea where to buy the oil and the damn oil burners.

As luck would have it, I found a new and unused oil burner in the house (imagine that), plus a small bottle of sunflower oil. So I tried it out and lit a votive candle in there and mixed a small amount of water and sunflower oil to burn and put the whole thing in my room, and voila—I liked it!

I loved the subtle aroma, and it made me feel lighter and better about my work. Apparently I preferred the simpler scents; the more exotic, the bigger the headaches.

Putting aside the electronic burner for the meantime, I just ordered online a test bottle of citronella oil, and I’m waiting for it to arrive. While I’m waiting, I keep burning some of the sunflower oil and bathing myself in the comforting scent.

And that’s how I got into aromatherapy.


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