A contrite admission

Adel Gabot



A serious confession here: I don’t watch Game of Thrones.

Never have.

I know it sound ridiculous, knowing how up-to-date and obsessive I am about TV shows, but I somehow never really got around to it. I think I did watch the very first episode years ago when it first came out (where one of the characters pushes a kid out of a tower), but put it aside as I thought it was another hack-and-slash fantasy, intending to watch it later.

But I never did. (Ditto for The Walking Dead, although I gave up on that one after the second season. But that’s a story for another blog entry.)

When GoT started to snowball into the behemoth it is now, I told myself I should get around to it, but never really found the time. And it’s gotten away from me. By the fourth season, I’ve given up the fantasy of eventually catching up—there are too many episodes gone by already!

When my friends gather around to discuss the latest show, I sagely nod my head and act like I know what they’re talking about even if I don’t, and try to participate as little as possible so I’m not found out to be the boor who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones.

Everyone watches it. I mean, who the hell doesn’t?

Me, apparently.

Of course, through osmosis, I vaguely know some of the high points, like the Red Wedding thing, that Jon Snow boondoggle where you don’t know if he’s alive or dead, White Walkers—which are apparently the show’s version of militant zombies, and the various battles and deaths and all that, but honestly, I don’t really know a single thing about the damned show.

And now it’s a cultural touchstone, a weekly ritual where people actually form theories as to where the show will go and discuss it endlessly online and in person. The second to the last episode of the season has gone into the books as the highest rated TV episode ever.

Now that it’s wrapped up the sixth season and is preparing to go into its last (or maybe a couple more—well, the 13 final episodes, however the creators want to slice it), I told myself this morning that this deception’s gotta end. I owe it to myself to watch the entire thing and finally see what everyone’s been obsessing about all these years. Binge-watch six seasons of the show in the hiatus before they end it.

I’m finally going to be in the loop.

So this morning, I set my computer to download all the shows thus far, and when they’re ready, I’ll get started binge -watching. After all these years, I’ll finally be a citizen of Westeros. Winter is coming, and we all have to get ready!



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