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I just binged-finished the 12 episodes of Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (also known by its shorter translated title of Erased), a limited series anime.

This anime was helpfully recommended by my friend @jalbacite, and it’s a very interesting time-travel story of family realtionships, childhood friendship, child abuse, grade-school life and murder.


It’s the story of a 29-year-old manga writer named Satoru Fujinuma, who has trouble opening up and expressing himself to people. He also has this curious, supernatural ability he calls Revival, where he goes back in time by a few minutes, usually before something bad happens, which he can try and prevent from occurring if he can. But it’s a seemingly random and unpredictable ability, and he has no control over it; it just happens.

One day, after his mother is mysteriously and brutally murdered and he’s accused of killing her, he’s suddenly taken back in time to when he was in fifth grade, and this time he stays there for weeks to help prevent and solve a series of child abductions and murders— as a 29-year-old in the body of a 10-year-old b0y.

Along the way, he relives his time with his friends and family. With an adult, mature, grown-up mind in a boy’s body, he tries to solve the mystery, save the victims and repair their familial relationships this time around (with the help of his friends, of course).

The storyline frequently goes back to the present time and is interconnected by many threads and plotlines that overlap and interweave that you sometimes have trouble keeping it all in your head. Well, that’s the gist anyway; the story is a bit more complicated, as anime usually is, but I won’t go into the specifics anymore.


It has some soap-opera elements, but thankfully not too much of them. You get the grade-school dynamics of life in the schoolyard, and the complicated relationships between kids and their parents and teachers, coupled with a exciting detective story spread out over a dozen episodes.

Erased is an exciting, intriguing anime, and I’m looking forward to watching more.

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