Here I go again…

Adel Gabot



Here I am again with another of my “retro” games.

After The Witcher III: Wild Hunt comes… Fallout 4.

I guess there’s no real good time to get them other than when they first come out, so I shouldn’t knock myself out, really. It’s just that I sort made a stand not buying these games when they came out, and here am I, buying them anyway, months after they do and after all the hype has died down.

Retro games indeed.


Aside from being horribly late to the party, I tend to look like that old grumpy uncle who’s says the new-fangled thing you just bought’s a good-for-nothing gadget, yet buys one for himself months later, when nobody’s looking, and thoroughly enjoys himself in private.

Sure, that’s me. The grumpy old uncle.

I bought a second hand copy yesterday, for cheap, just like The Witcher, and I’ve been playing it incessantly ever since, and thoroughly enjoying myself. Granted, I’ve never really played any of the previous games in the series, at least to the end, and I’m basically coming into this cold.


Fallout 4 is the story of a guy who lives in a nice, benevolently atomic-powered world whose benevolence has apparently reached an end, and war erupts. Our hero and his family retreat to a bomb shelter, where they are put in cryogenic stasis for years. Meanwhile, things go further awry. His wife is killed and his son kidnapped, while the shelter goes belly-up and the world generally falls apart. It’s now up to him to save his son, and he goes out and tries to do that.

It’s a good game, but the controls are a bit crude and clunky, compared to Destiny and The Division. I still have far to go, but at the moment I’m enjoying myself shaking out the neighborhoods and the environs. Will report back if I find anything interesting.

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