What? Beta 1? What?

Adel Gabot



Apparently, the macOS Sierra beta I installed was Version 1.

I know this because when I woke up this morning, the App Store told me that Version 6 was waiting to download.


The fact that Version 1 installed flawlessly this time and worked just… well, fine apparently was just a welcome, er, anomaly.

So I installed 6, and wasn’t really surprised to find nothing had apparently changed. Sometimes these under-the-hood changes and improvements are just plain creepy.

And while this changeover was going on, I stumble across the news that Version 7 was just released to developers and public beta testers today, just a week after 6 was released.

So after the installation, I hurried fired up the App Store, and wouldn’t you know it? “No Updates Available.

Not yet, anyway.

Guess I’ll have to wait.

But really? Version 1?


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