Just as I thought…

Adel Gabot



Apple did remove the 3.5mm plug, and in the same breath included a Lightning-to-3.5mm adaptor in the box of the iPhone 7 and 7s.

They also brought out a brand new wireless earphone technology called AirPods, which suspiciously looks like the old EarPods with the cords unceremoniously cut off.

Not-quite-Bluetooth-but-similar, they have a brand-new chip and various sensors inside, and an all-new noise cancelling technology, with a carrying case that charges the Pods for up to five times before you need to charge the case itself. (The Pods last up to five hours on a single charge.)

I appreciate the effort, but damn they look hideous, like white earwax dripping off the sides of your head. I suppose it’s necessary for the mic and the noise cancelling circuitry, but couldn’t they at least made it look prettier? Also, they look damn easy to lose. I predict lots of them littering the paths of joggers.

And they cost $160 a pair. More money in the bank for my favorite named-after-a-fruit company.



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