…so I went and bought one

Adel Gabot



Troubled greatly by the fact that I was short one external hard drive (actually two) of my accustomed computer setup, I went hurriedly to look for a replacement drive yesterday.

I have to save up to get a bigger one, but at least I went and got a new 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim (which was the same brand as the drive that had previously tanked—I hope I didn’t make a bad decision), which will serve me well until I can get another (bigger) drive.

Even though I said that hard drives were pretty inexpensive these days, it wasn’t really cheap to me, considering my current financial situation. I looked at external drives sold online, but the good, reasonable ones were expensive, and the cheapest ones looked, well, cheap. I decided to buy from a brick-and-mortar store, it was the same difference.

The drive I got was smaller than I expected, smaller than my smallest, the WD My Passport Ultra 10th Anniversary Edition. The case was a nice royal blue, and it came with a proprietary cord, and that was it. Once you get the extensive packaging out of the way, all you’re left with (and all that really matters) is the small drive and the short cord.

I spent the rest of the day shuffling my iMac‘s data around so I could free up a 500GB drive to be my dedicated Time Machine backup, then redirecting some of the concerned apps’ preferences to refer to the files’ new locations on the new data drive. Some of them, like Plex and Photos, had to re-index the files again, and that’s never a pleasurable experience.

And sheesh, doing a complete TM backup of my system again sure took a long time—it just finished early this morning. But at least I’m secure and backed-up now.

I can breathe easy again.


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