Fare thee well…

Adel Gabot



Saw this on the internet this afternoon.

I had one.

For a long time, I used it and enjoyed using it. It worked well for years, up until the day it didn’t. This was late last year.

I mourned the loss.

It was a faithful, loyal gadget, and it stood up to my casual and constant everyday use and abuse. I watched the hell out of it, everyday. Then suddenly, it just quit working. Just stopped. I was devastated, but there was no way around it. It was gone.

It just so happened, around the time it quit on me a new model had just come out. The features were nicer, better. More modern. It was a little bigger than the old one, but still around the same handy size.

I was kind of hoping to use the one I had for a couple of years more at least, but it was not to be.

So, grudgingly, I bought that latest model, the 4th one they put out. And I am a happy camper again.

But I won’t forget the old one, the one that I loved and lost.

Ye shall be missed, 3rd gen Apple TV.



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