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I don’t really know why, but I’ve recently been album-buying on iTunes like it’s going out of style. This, after not buying anything for months. (I feel I’m being gypped when buying albums, a feeling of entitlement I got after 20 years of having anything I like for free as an FM DJ just by asking for it.)

Since last week, largely on whims, I’ve bought:

  • Joanne – Lady Gaga
  • Version of Me – Melanie C.
  • Integrity Blues – Jimmy Eat World
  • Mad Love – Jojo
  • Eric Benet – Eric Benet
  • Day Breaks – Norah Jones
  • Outside Looking In – The Radio Sun
  • Ghosthunters OST – Various Artists

Two compilations of old songs:

  • The Power of The 80s
  • Classic Rock (3 CD Set)

A couple of old albums:

  • Kamakiriad – Donald Fagen
  • The Best of Sade – Sade

And, for some reason, a single:

  • Erase (Original Mix) – The Chainsmokers

So far, I love Jimmy Eat World, The Radio Sun and surprisingly, Jojo. I kind of like Eric Benet, Sade and Donald Fagen. And of course I adore the compilations. The jury is still out on the others.

Just trying to get back (very belatedly) into the groove again, I guess. Starting to feel my age.

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