The Division lives!

Adel Gabot



Just wanted to take the time to praise Ubisoft for releasing the free update to Tom Clancy’s The Division, Update 1.4, and revitalizing a near-dead game.

I haven’t played it for nearly a year it seems, ever since I hit the game’s ceiling and maxed out all my stats. As a rule, I never really shell out for DLCs, so I never bought into The Underground or any of the other game extensions that have come out in the intervening months.

So the game has lain fallow ever since, while I moved on to newer games like Uncharted 4 or Overwatch or Rise of The Tomb Raider. As a matter of fact, I was actually selling it off at a giveaway price, and I would have, if the skinflints online wouldn’t haggle me down even further. But as it is, no takers yet, which was actually a good thing as it turns out.

Took a while to download, as it came at a time when my internet connection was going through a wonky phase, but it was worth it. The developer’s changes injected new life into the game, and now I’ve rapidly upped my stats even further, and am now sporting an all-green feature set and working my way up the ranks again.

I find myself forsaking my current fascination, Tomb Raider, and my other current standby, Overwatch, and have been playing The Division pretty much I get any time on the PS4.

Really lovely.

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