A new OLED Keyboard for my old iMac?

Adel Gabot



I absolutely adore Apple‘s new MacBook Pro model, mostly for that little OLED strip on top of the keyboard that replaces the function keys, the one that’s been called a little piece of an iPad grafted onto an MBP. It’s the one thing that might get me to finally spring for a new laptop, if not for the inordinately prohibitive cost of one. (We’ll see how much when it comes out, and if I could afford it.)

But I got a better idea in the meantime.

If only Apple would come out with a Bluetooth keyboard with the same technology—now that’s a winner! It would revive my aging iMac, that’s for sure. As for the cost, it would be a pretty penny, that’s for sure, but nowhere near the projected cost of a new computer.

It would just take a relatively small tweak of the Sierra OS to enable it, and millions of current users would be able to enjoy the latest technology with their old computers. In fact, there are already rumors of this happening soon, and I for one welcome it.

So what, Apple, are looking at an OLED keyboard anytime soon?


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