Snacking, LibreOffice Writer Edition, using an Ubuntu VM

Adel Gabot


I am writing this on an Ubuntu Linux 14.10 amd64 virtual machine on my iMac, made possible by an installation of the latest version of Parallels Desktop (as of this writing), using the free LibreOffice Writer.

I’m testing and playing with Ubuntu again, after using a similar setup about two years ago, and so far it’s been ok. Loading the system takes a bit of time though, but once it’s up, it smooth sailing.

Ubuntu Linux has a reputation for being the most stable OS around, and so far nothing’s happened to contradict that reputation yet,

I’m going to make a workable system on this virtual machine and see if I can live with it, and on it, for a bit.

Just testing it out for now, and writing a Snacking entry.

I’m going to copy this to the clipboard, and will try to paste and upload this onto my blog using this virtual machine and see if goes through.



It went, with some qualifications.

I couldn’t paste the text into the Add New Post window under the Visual format, but it went under Text, although without the text formatting. I had to do that again.

Also, Little Snitch keeps interrupting with requests for internet access for the various sites Ubuntu has to have access to, at least on the first go-through, and it’s kind of irritating.

And it takes forever for pages to open on the included Firefox installation. I don’t know if that’s also an initial thing, but time will tell.

So far so good.

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