Robots Are Us

Adel Gabot

Humans Series 1 Episode 5


Just saw the premiere episode of Humans Season 2 this afternoon, and as I was watching it I was struck by how much show business has overlapped with similar or same stories and plots again. This happens every so often. In cycles. And it’s happened again.

Humans, the remake of Westworld, Pure Genius (the premiere of which I saw this weekend), to name a few.

We have androids/robots slowly gaining sentience, Silicon Valley young upstart billionaires spending their money to promote their own agendas—some plots are so alike they could pass for one another with a few simple tweaks.

The synths of Humans and the hosts of Westworld could literally switch places and no one would be the wiser. Carrie-Anne Moss and Anthony Hopkins too. Or the wonderkinds from Pure Genius and Humans.


Wala lang. It’s probably nothing important, but I thought I’d mention it.

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