Take Two—on the PS4

Adel Gabot



I finally dumped the old game Diablo III I’ve long been struggling with on the iMac, and bought a PS4 version—and I’m loving it.

In a day of playing, I got my character, a monk named Marcus (after Father Marcus on The Exorcist TV show, a program I adore), to Act II (a pretty long haul), and I haven’t died once. Whereas on the iMac, it took me almost two weeks and many many deaths to get to that level.

I don’t really know why it took me forever to get going on the iMac. Probably the controls. Something about a keyboard and a mouse, a mouse I was forced to switch to from a much used trackpad just for the game. And still it proved a chore, and a big stumbling block to my enjoyment of the game. Eventually I just gave up on it.

Now, several years later, I decided to jump on the console bandwagon for the game. They released it almost two years ago, I think, and at first, I didn’t want to spend any more for an expensive Mac game I already had (for four years already!). But the dearth of anything new on the horizon for the PS4, coupled with my curiosity, got the better of me. Critics were of a mind praising the port to high heaven, and I wanted to see if they were right.

They were.


I don’t understand what Blizzard really did in the converting the game to the PS4, but they got it right. The controls feel natural and easy to get used to, and it just took me a few minutes to adjust. After that, it was just button mashing heaven.

I want to keep playing this game, and I think about it when I’m not. As a matter of fact, I started this post before 8 this morning, I took a quick break to play five minutes later, and now it’s almost two in the afternoon when I resumed typing. Six hours of being distracted, and I haven’t had enough.

So now I’m going to end this post, and resume playing. I expect to take a dinner break later, and then continue on into the night, so excuse me.


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