Online shopping?

Adel Gabot



This goes to show how messed up online shopping can still be in this day and age.

Last Monday, Oct.31, I ordered a hot air popcorm maker from Lazada. They promptly responded with a text that said my order has been received, and to expect delivery anytime between Wednesday, Nov. 2 and Saturday, Nov. 5. Ok, that’s well and good, and well within expected parameters.

So I patiently waited and went about my daily business.

Yesterday morning, Friday, Nov. 4, it was delivered, after a text from the delivery man saying he was on his way to the house. And so it went.

But yesterday evening, I got an email from Lazada informing me that my order has been processed and was on its merry way to be delivered tomorrow (which is today, Saturday) and to please expect the delivery guy at any time then.

Ok, so I put it down to a problem where Lazada‘s email is just delayed, and they mistakenly sent it to me yesterday instead of the day before, Thursday, when I was expecting their customary “Thank You” email.

This morning I got a text telling me my order has been dispatched and would be delivered sometime today. Hmm.

After lunch, I get another text telling me that my package was definitely on its way, and that I could track it on the internet with the provided tracking number. Thank you for purchasing from Lazada again.

This was all for a package I already received the day before.

Look, I don’t really mind the crossed signals as long as I get my package on time. But can’t they get their act together?

Come on, Lazada, it’s such a simple thing.

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