The Mac is back

Adel Gabot


I got the MacBook Air back from the shop this morning, good as new.

I even got them to lower the price a little more (a tribute to my haggling skills). I would’ve also spent an hour shooting the breeze with the proprietor and the technicians, who are old friends and chatty as hell, but I had another appointment elsewhere and had to split.

To make up the cost of the repair, I sold off several of my old PS4 games this morning, games which were just gathering dust in the room, and the amount they sold for made up for exactly the cost of the repair, so zero balance.

I’m typing this entry on the Air now, to test it out.

Hmm. Having an eminently portable computer that wasn’t an iPod or a heavy MacBook Pro is extremely nice, actually. Food for thought. Hmm again. Am now seriously considering actually keeping it.

What do you guys think?

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