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Adel Gabot



With today’s launching of the horridly expensive (US$300 for the large edition!) coffee table book Designed by Apple in California, I was moved to take stock of how many Apple products we have in the house.

Plenty, as it turns out:

  • 27″ iMac
  • 13″ MacBook Pro
  • 11″ MacBook Air
  • Apple //+
  • Apple //e
  • Macintosh (original)
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad mini 1st gen
  • iPhone 1st gen
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPod 5th gen
  • iPod nano 6th gen (2 units)
  • iPod shuffle 2nd gen
  • iPod shuffle 3rd gen
  • Apple TV 3rd gen
  • Apple TV 4th gen
  • Apple Quicktake 200
  • Apple Newton Messagepad

This is not to mention the many Apple-made power adaptors, assorted dongles, extra headsets, rechargeable batteries and chargers, thunderbolt and lightning cables, mice (mouses?), trackpads and keyboards I also have.

Take note, this is just the current things I have. This isn’t counting the many number of other previous products I used to own, like that orange iBook or Titanium MacBook or desktop monitor or older Mac desktops, all dating back to that Apple //+ that started it all.

Gosh darn. I’m more of an Apple nut than I realize.



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