iPod Shuffle

Adel Gabot



I found my old iPod Shuffle among my things, along with a charging device I spent a lot for some time ago. I weighed the value of the device against its potential usefulness and I’m glad I bought it.

Firing the silver iPod up, I found delight in the songs I put into into it hem.way back when. I liked each and every song on it! It’s like Adel’s Greatest Hits. Each and every song was a favorite. Walang tapon. It’s like uncovering a treasure trove when you weren”t expecting anything. I don’r really remember the machine I recorded the songs on, but I’ll be careful not to sync it on today’s ITunes, lest I erase everything. (I gotta find a way to back it up. Hmm, that’s a challenge.)

I used my iPhone 6’s earPods on the iPod, and they were perfect, (although the earPod controls don’t work on it — too new-fangled, I guess.)  I had to research the controls on the iPod. I’d forgetten them; it’s been so long.

It’s really nice to find a device with such great memories,

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