Things that happened to me this past week

Adel Gabot



(Technically, this was last week, but what the hell.)

I bought the Mass Effect Trilogy game. Finally. Figured it was a good deal—three games for under P2K for the PS3? What could go wrong?

A lot, apparently.

I burned out on the first Mass Effect. I was ready to like it, I was hoping, but it wasn’t to be. It was a mess. Muddled, slow. Technically, it was terrible. Shepard, my character, couldn’t even turn around fast enough to avoid shots. The landscape was confusing and looked the same wherever you turned, and as a result you didn’t know where to go. I spent a good amount of time wandering around in circles, But hey, it was five years old! What did I expect? I gave up after a couple of days, dejected, and tried for the second game in the series. Surely that would be better somehow.

It was another waste of my time. It went along ok for a day (for an evening, actually), then it rapidly bogged down after that. I got stuck with another guy in a corridor where dozens and dozens of endless robots were coming at us, with no end in sight. Frustrated, I gave up.

I’ve been sitting on the game since, avoiding it on my shelf like it was infected with the bubonic plague or something since it was a painful reminder of my game-buying folly. I’m currently deciding whether or not to try the third Mass Effect (I think I will eventually, but I’ll give it a couple of days more). I tried it on demo mode a long time ago, and I sorta didn’t like it then. I should have listened to my gut instinct.

As a result, I haven’t been buying any games since, being solidly burned by Mass Effect. I don’t think I’ll purchase any games soon. Although the new Gears of War looks good, and so does the new Lara Croft, but they aren’t out yet. I’ll be sure to get The Last of Us when it comes out in May for sure. But for now, I think I’ll hold off. I still constantly troll the online sellers’ sites for 2nd hand games though; maybe I’l find some bargain treasures there, but none so far.



I’ve run out of things to review, and have resorted to idle musing-type posts, once a week, just to keep myself busy. You’ve probably come across them reprinted on this blog.

Yesterday, among other things, I met up with my brother in Makati to give him a medical prescription from our doctor-cousin for his persistent cold. In the afternoon I met up with Vic Icasas to finally get (big!) review units, speakers, so that I’d have something to peruse and examine and praise or lambaste. Vic didn’t really have time to do it, and when I inquired on GroupMe for review items, he helpfully suggested I take the speakers from him,

I met up with him (after a bit of confusion as to where) in Subway, where he got a late lunch, and he brought along an old dear friend of mine named Carlo. Been a while since I last saw him, and we caught up. On the way back I was supposed to take a cab, but man they were out; the lines for them stretched out in all the MCC roads, and I was forced to take the train, with my big speaker boxes, which, of course, the MRT guards dutifully searched for any terrorist stuff. But I got home ok.

I can’t say much for the speakers. They aren’t really as fancy as the packaging or the pricing suggests. I’m still testing them now. Whatever the case may be, the review should be out on Christmas Eve Day. And then maybe another musings-type post until the New Year.



I went to see The Hobbit in 3D iMax with my brother last Saturday, the first screening in SM North Edsa, which was at 12 noon.

It ran for over a couple of hours, yet it didn’t seem that long. Add to that Jackson’s thoughful padding and extension of the novel (he’s coming out with three movies—for such a thin book it’s a hell of a stretch!) and you get a hell of a long movie. But I liked it more than I was expecting; I was actually expecting I’d be bored out of my mind. What? Another hobbit movie? And it’s being stretched out to a trilogy? What the hell?

But despite myself, I liked it. The story just flew by, and I can’t wait for the next installment, The Desolation of Smaug. Burt was the one who didn’t like it that much, and he was the one who was pushing for us to see it, in iMax no less, more than me. I would’ve been perfectly content just catching it in a regular theater, or even just downloading it to my computer. But hell, I loved it!

Am actually thinking of watching it again in a HFR 3D screening before the MIFF takes over the theaters at Christmas, and see it in the ultra-realistic 48 frames-per-second rate Peter Jackson meant for us to see it in. The iMax screening, while in 3D, unfortunately wasn’t in HFR. Was planning to catch it again yesterday in SM Megamall Cineme 3, which was in HFR, but the meeting with Burt, and Vic and Carlo took care of that. Maybe tomorrow. I should’ve watched it today, but it’s too late now. And maybe get me that haircut I’d been meaning to get.

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