Embarrassment of riches

Adel Gabot

watchmenOne of the biggest things I’m looking forward to this year, like many other geeks, is Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie. It’s a mixed blessing. I know I will likely enjoy everything their Massively Mercenary Marketing Tie-in Monster Machine will put out (which is just about everything it possibly can, from Dr. Manhattan blue body paint to Silk Spectre thongs). But as a devoted and avowed sucker for all things Watchmen, I also know I shall calmly hand over my money and try to get everything I can afford. (Well, maybe not the thongs.)

Over the years, I’ve already gotten two copies of the trade paperback, the massive Absolute Watchmen book, the complete original first-print comic book run and a set of the reprints. But by the looks of things, my misery’s just getting started.

The movie won’t be out for a while, but already tons of pre-release merchandise is incoming. I ran across news last night about one I’m particularly salivating over:


It’s a DVD/Blu Ray tie-in of a portion of the graphic novel Snyder couldn’t sneak in the movie for reasons of length. So Smarty Pants Snyder instead made it into a separate animated feature. Tales of The Black Freighter is a full-length version of the comic-within-the-comic, and is voiced by 300‘s Gerard Butler. The disc will also have a live-action faux docu called Under The Hood, Hollis Mason‘s look at the costumed hero’s history, using the original actors. Plus deleted scenes and other features.

That blu ray’s another one for the list. Right now I’m trying to save up to get Dave Gibbon’s Watching The Watchmen, which has been out since December in the bookstores here.



And then, dear God, others are popping up:





Action figures:










I may have to rob a bank.

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