Phone/Net woes

Adel Gabot

This morning, a repair guy from PLDT appeared, and he tried to fix the phone, in preparation to fixing the internet, which had gone on the blink early Sunday morning.

I called them yesterday on my cell to see what what wrong with the internet, and they asked me the status of our landline. Dead, I said. Since early December. No, sir, we have to see what’s wrong first with your landline before we can see what’s wrong with the internet. They’re just one connection you see.

I tried to call them to fix the landline when I discovered it broke a couple of months ago, but nobody came. Seeing that we don’t really use it much any more, I just let it drag on.

But the net was working just fine (except for when the Pope was here, of course; that was iffy at best—for good reason, I think). But it resumed the day after he left, and worked fine, at least until I woke up Sunday morning and found it dead.

The operator told me that there were separate services for the landline and the internet, and the former had to be fixed first before the latter could see what was wrong with it. Sheesh. Ok, I said, send someone to fix the phone first then.

The guy came the morning after (surpringly fast; I was thinking he’d come later in the week), and after dicking around with the lines and connections, told me that the physical cords were screwed up, and had to be replaced. Turns out the connection was fine, but the lines were old and tangled and messy and in the way, and I had to do something about it. He neatened up the connections as much as he could, then left me to my own devices.


So I went and bought a couple of long extension cables and a two-way splitter in Ace Hardware, just to be sure, and rushed back home to fix the tangled mess.

Took me an hour or two, but I finally got it sorted out.

At first, I wanted to change all the wiring to newer ones, and string them up on the ceiling where they wouldn’t be in the way. But it turns out I made a mistake and got shorter cables than I really needed (and they were a bitch to untangle and wire up, let me tell you), but I tried to make do with what I had.

In the end, I only used one of the cables, and used old, existing stuff to fix the mess. Some of the older cables, a connector, and an old two-way splitter with a long wire. I had to figure out to arrange the wires so they’d end up where they were supposed to.

Now, the phone is working fine, and the internet is back and pretty reliable again. I didn’t need to call the internet part of the service, I fixed it on my own. And I had an extra new cable, and the splitter which is still sealed in its packaging. I’m sure they’ll come in handy one of these days.

But damn, that was hard.



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