Reset again

Adel Gabot


I had to go accompany my Dad to Camp Aguinaldo this morning so he could reset his ATM card at Veterans’ Bank so he can continue to withdraw his pension.

My Dad normally makes me withdraw from the ATM the maximum amount allowed for the day (P10K) several times during the month. He could do it himself, I suppose, but he’s part Luddite (most people his age are like that), so he makes me do it. At least in between the times he has to have the card reset, like now.

We get to do this reset every three months or so. I think the government disables the ATM cards regularly so that they can verify that the pensioner is still alive and kicking. Wouldn’t do to continue to give the pension to someone who’s gone, right?

We’ve only done it once before, but that first time the bank official told us we’d be coming back every three months to reset the card. So I knew to photocopy Dad’s ID before we went in, because they made us do that the last time and I had to go find someplace with a photocopier. This time I was ready.

It goes like this: we submit the photocopied ID, present said disabled ATM card and fill up a form, sign and put my Dad’s thumbprints on it, while the teller verifies his account. Then they make us fill up a withdrawal slip for the remainder of his pension so we can get it over the counter. And then we wait (a long time) for his name to be called so he can get his money.

But he always asks me to accompany him on these trips to the bank. He’s pretty hard of hearing these days, but he’s not completely deaf, and I think he asks me just to have company. Least I could do.

We were through a little past ten and had an early lunch at one of the turo-turos nearby. Then we went our separate ways: him to whatever little things he does at the Camp, and me to my little things.

Nice start to the week.

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