A quick review of Adele’s 25

Adel Gabot



Other than the fact that just an e separates our first names, there’s nothing really that singer Adele Adkins and I have in common. Wait, no. There’s also the fact that I enjoy her music as much as she does singing it.

Adele’s 27 now, but she names her album 25 (after her first two—19 and 21), because I guess that’s the mental age where she was at when she made it (she’s got co-writing credits on every track). She took a long hiatus from her career, got married and had a child, and she’s matured a lot. But largely, Adele’s still the same—the strong, booming voice that perfectly suits the angst of her general persona.

I’ve been listening to 25, her third album, since it was released last Friday (along with the whole world, I guess) and I’d like to put my two cents into the mix.

25 is classic Adele. Still the same old girl singing about heartbreak and whatnot.

Some of her songs have a little more upbeat quality to them (in a manner of speaking), but haven’t entirely lost that morose, sad touch to most of the tracks. That much is kinda new. Her debut single, Hello, which was a massive hit from the first day it was released as a preview track from the album, is one such song.

But the more “happy” tracks are few and far between though: Send My Love, Water Under The Bridge and Sweetest Devotion are just a hair more uptempo than a classic Adele song, but still they sing of heartbreak and sadness. One of the other tracks, River Lea, posits that it was something in the water that caused the trouble, which is a playful notion, considering.

25 is composed of 11 tracks, and all of them are pure Adele, which is to say, really beyond fault. They are all good, although with repeated playing they sometimes create a generally dreary and introspective atmosphere. Which is still an Adele trademark, to be sure.

Right now, she’s currently on a whirlwind promotion jag, creating an Adele at The BBC special, appearing on American talk and variety shows and a guesting on Saturday Night Live this past weekend (somehow her isolated vocal track on Hello leaked on the internet, and it just showcases her pure vocal prowess, more than anything).

If you care for good music at all, Adele’s 25 is one of this year’s must-have albums.

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