Crap. I better get a new TV.

Adel Gabot


Dammit. It’s really hard trying to make a TV work without HDMI ports.

Apparently my flatscreen gave up the ghost this Saturday as far as all of the three HDMI inputs are concerned. None of them work anymore. The PS4, my 3rd gen Apple TV, the DVD player, the digital tuner box, none of them want to connect. All I get is “No Signal” from any of them.

I’ve established it isn’t my devices that’s screwing up by testing them on another TV with working HDMI ports last Sunday, so that’s that. Everything else works fine though. The cable feed, the media port, the VGA inputs, everything. It’s just the damned HDMI ports. And it so happens that’s what I most use on the effing TV, even more than cable.

I guess I better get a new one then (or have this old one fixed). But I’d rather get a newer, bigger one, to be honest. This old one has already given me five years of great service, and it’s high time I upgraded to a bigger unit anyway.

So I comparison-shopped this morning and I got all sorts of models from simple bigscreens to elaborate 4K resolution sets that were also Smart TVs. The prices also fluctuated wildly, but here are a lot of Christmas sales around for TVs, and I have a rich field to choose from.

I think I’ve kinda decided on a modestly priced 50″ Smart TV unit (I wish I could afford a 4K unit, but you know how it is). The internet connectivity is a welcome bonus I hadn’t counted on, so that’s cool. But I think I’ll wait for a week or two to really finalize. At least before January rolls in.

Hay naku. I wasn’t actually getting a Christmas gift for myself this year, but let’s just consider this new TV as the one, ok?


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