Belly-bustin’ Christmas

Adel Gabot



Just came from an early family Christmas buffet lunch at Dad’s World Buffet at SM Megamall and dad-gum it, I’m friggin’ stuffed.

A Christmas family event at home was difficult and stressful: there was the marketing, the cooking, the setting up of the house, and the subsequent cleaning. Too much effort. If we went out to a place to have it in, we’d cut out all of that crap. The whole week I was thinking of a buffet place to have lunch in for Christmas, and Dad’s World Buffet at the mall was one of the choices I was eying. But try as I might, I couldn’t get a reservation for Christmas Day—nobody was answering their phone. So we decided to take a chance, go there early and wing it.

We got there at 10:30, anticipating an especially large flood of patrons for Christmas lunch, and we were right. By 11:15 the place was packed, and there was a long line of waitlisted families waiting for tables queued up outside. Good thing we were there early. As luck would have it, Dad’s had a promo for the season where if it was your birthday (valid for three days before and three days after), your buffet was all free. It so happened it was my father’s birthday tomorrow, so that was one less buffet lunch to pay for. Excellent!

I can’t account for anyone else in our party, but I went through the buffet systematically. I ate a light breakfast at home so I’d have at lot of room for a big lunch. At Dad’s, I first had a big plate of Japanese appetizers, then a plate of Japanese food, then a plate of Chinese, then finally a plate of Filipino/Spanish food. Then I had halo-halo, and then, to top it off, a big bowl of soft-serve ice cream. I didn’t go for any soup (which I normally get), and only had a glass of iced tea.

And man, I don’t think I want anything else for a week, I’m that full.

Then there’s still my father’s birthday celebration tomorrow, for which we’re going to another buffet resto. Ay yay ay.

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