Bluetooth power out?

Adel Gabot

I got into a big scare this afternoon.

My iPad 2‘s bluetooth keyboard just plumb gave out on me as I was writing a Technoodling review this afternoon, settled in my usual little place.

I thought the thing was toast. My Logitech/Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard Case was supposed to run for weeks without needing a recharge, and just like that, in the middle of typing a sentence, it died on me. I thought, it can’t be, it hasn’t been that long that it needed already needed a recharge. It must be broken. I tried turning it on and off, tried reconnecting the bluetooth, tried everything I could think of to get it to work. Maybe it was just a glitch, a momentary thing and it would work again if I just reset it. But nothing worked, and I had to resign myself to finding out when I got home later if the keyboard was hosed or not. In the meantime the thought of continuing writing the review via the iPad’s onboard keyboard was too much hassle.

In retrospect, I think it HAS been weeks since I recharged it. I don’t rightly remember. I don’t think I even recharged it properly; just the one time, I think, when I plugged it in just to top it off, and before that, I don’t think I even actually recharged the keyboard since I first got it. I think I got spoiled by the battery longevity of my Kindle, which is rated at two months at 30 minutes use a day, and I figured this keyboard was the same. Thing is, I didn’t notice it giving any sort of warning notice. Then again, I couldn’t see if there was, the indicator light is hidden by the iPad, if there was some indicator of fading battery life. This was a glitch in the manufacture of the keyboard, and maybe I should tell Logitech/Zagg about it.

When I got home I immediately plugged the keyboard into the micro-USB jack, and lo and behold the blue charging light came on. The keyboard was fine, it really just ran out of power. After an hour or so the light went out, and I guess it was charged up again. I tested the thing, and everything worked as normal. We’re back in business. There is just the matter of finding out when exactly the power would run out again, and if there was some indication of low power I was missing.

I vaguely remember reading in the manual that there was some indicator of low power, some blinking light or something, but it also said the thing would continue working for a couple of days or so before finally winking out. (Couple of days? Wow.) Besides, there’s the matter of the hidden indicator light which means I can’t see it anyway, Ah, hell, I guess I just need to get into a routine where I plug it in every three or four weeks just to make sure. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of juice.

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