Damn, that’s a big haul!

Adel Gabot



I normally don’t download podcasts/vidcasts these days, not nearly as much as I used to. I guess I’d grown tired of listening to or watching them.

Of course, there are a few I still (sometimes) get, out of force of habit: the MacBreak Weekly vidcast is one, and another is the iMore one. But only when I remember to.

I’ve consciously tried to get back into podcasts, like last year when I tried to listen to Serial, mainly because everyone was causing a fuss about it. (I failed. I only got up to the third episode.) And Serial again recently, with the Bowe Bergdahl thing, though I barely got through the first episode before giving up on it.

What I do religiously is watch CNET’s First Look vidcast though, if only to keep up with one of my chosen fields of speciality, that of finding about new gadgets. To keep my toe in the pool as it were, in case I’d need the information for one of my freelancing jobs.

First Look is exactly what the title says it is: first looks on new gadgets.  I collect the episodes over the week, and watch them all on Sunday morning in one fell swoop, then collect the new ones again for the following week. The episodes are usually just a minute or two long, and the CNET reporters give an overview of a new gizmo, usually a cell phone, but sometimes they’d have laptops or kitchen appliances and other arcane devices.


Usually over the week, I’d collect eight or 10 episodes, sometimes a dozen. And that’s on a great week. Some weeks there isn’t much, and I’d be lucky to have five or six new ones on those weeks. Some weeks, like during the holidays, they’d have nothing for me to download, and I guess the reporters take their vacations then like the rest of us.

But this past week, I had a humdinger of a haul come in.

Over the week, Monday to Sunday morning, almost 90 new episodes came in! 87 to be precise.

Man, that’s almost two months worth of shows in just a single week!

Of course, it helped that they were all reporting from CES 2016, which was held this week. If there was any hotspot for new gadgets for the coming year, that would be it.

I got everything from cellphones to computers to large 3D printers to scooters and foldable bikes to refrigerators and washing machines—everything under the sun. All of the reporters I’d grown to know and like over the years: Lynn La, Scott Stein, David Katzmeier, Xiomara Blanco, Jessica Dolcourt, Megan Wollerton, Dan Ackerman, Lexy Savvides, Iyaz Akhtar and dozens of others were there. They were out in full force.

It took me almost two hours to watch all of them!

This kind of thing comes twice or thrice a year, usually during consumer shows and other tech extravaganzas, but this year it was especially numerous.

Now I suppose we’re going to sink back into the old grind this week. That is, at least until the next expo.

Oh, well, at least it’s something.

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