My left foot—Epilogue

Adel Gabot

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You remember me writing about something wrong with my left foot at the end of last year? Well. you probably don’t, or you did but don’t care. Whatever the case, it’s been troubling me mightily ever since.

I did see a doctor for it, and she told me I had a case of cellulitis, which is a non-contagious bacterial infection which has absolutely nothing to do with cellulite, and which was probably caused by my over-eager and energetic cleaning and trimming of my toenails the day before it first appeared.

It’s an extremely painful condition, and I actually had to stay bedridden for a couple of days, it was so damned painful. Anything touching my big toe sent me into paroxysms of incredible agony.

The doctor prescribed me an antibiotic whose commercial name was Sumapen, a penicillin variant made for these things, and thank God I wasn’t allergic to any antibiotic, as far as I knew. I took the medicine, and the pain and swelling receded to a dull ache over the few days I took them. By the time I had run out, my foot was still mildly painful, but at least I could hobble around again.

A few days later, the pain was still there, and I was considering going back to my doctor and asking for more Sumapen, but thought better of it and just waited it out. This week, it’s almost disappeared, and things have sort of gone back to normal.

I told my brother about my foot this weekend, and aside from reaming me out for not telling him about it right away, he reminded me that he also had the same exact case some years ago, and had to be laid up in a hospital for a few days because it was so painful. Didn’t I remember? Cellulitis?

Of course! I even had to watch over him as his companion/guard/yaya during that time. And didn’t it happen over the New Year too? That we had to forego the celebration because of it? Damn. I’d forgotten about that. Although I guess this says a lot more about my constitution than his, the fact that he had to go to a hospital to deal with it while I just had to grit my teeth and weather it at home.

Anyway, it’s all better now, and I promise that’s the last you’ll ever hear of my foot ever again. Sheesh.

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