Bluetooth power out 2

Adel Gabot

There’s some developments to this story – and not all good.

Since there wasn’t much happening today, I decided to go out for lunch and then go to Starbucks and kill a few hours writing those reviews. I came with my iPad-keyboard setup, which was nice because I came from fully charging the keyboard (or so I thought) last night and was prepared to type the afternoon away.

I spent the first hour just surfing, with the keyboard out and open but as yet unused. When I got bored surfing, I hit a key, expecting the keyboard to wake up and connect like it usually did. But – it didn’t.

Hmm. I hit a few more keys, but no response. I picked the iPad off and checked the power switch of the keyboard, and the thing was on. I turned it on and off, tried reconnecting, but the keyboard was dead and not responding. Damn.

So something WAS wrong with it. I tried to figure out what could be the matter, and wondered if I should take the case to the manufacturer and hope they’d give me a replacement. But that was a tricky proposition since I bought it online from a guy, and so didn’t have a proper receipt. So I just spent the next couple of hours just surfing without the bluetooth keyboard, and hoping that I could revive it when I got home, recharge it (again) or something.

When I got home I hooked it up to the mini-USB cable connected to my iMac again, and the blue charging light came on for a few minutes, then went off. I disconnected it and reconnected it via bluetooth to my iPad again, and wonder of wonders, this time it worked. I’m typing on it now, disconnected from the charger, and so far it works fine. I don’t know for how long, though, although I’m hoping it should work properly from here on in. I’ll test it out some more and put it through its paces and see how long the power will last. So far so good.

I don’t know what I would do if this thing turns out to be wonky. There goes my alternative laptop experiment down the drain. I was really hoping I’d hit on a solution, but it looks like that’s in jeopardy at the moment. Sure, its working fine now, but for how long? Suddenly that MacBook Air being sold on PhilMug seems appealing.

Will continue to test this setup first before I come to any drastic conclusions.


UPDATE: Ok, it’s been hours, and the keyboard is still working. Hoping that this was all it was, a glitch in the matrix. Still testing, opening it and reconnecting every hour or two, and so far it’s looking good, that bluetooth icon lights up every time. Will continue testing until tomorrow before I declare myself out of the woods.

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