Updates on my gadget life

Adel Gabot

Some updates.

I got my Amazon credit yesterday. It was quick. As soon as I got home, the code appeared on my email, so I set about redeeming it from Amazon. (The guys from ERegalo wrote me another email confirming receipt, and asked me if I wanted a scanned version of the Amazon gift card. For the heck of it, I said yes, and they promptly sent it to me. Efficient bastards.)

Redemption was quick and painless, and I set about to purchase RetinaPad from Cydia. It went well at first – then hit a roadblock. The payment service said it was the first time I was using Amazon Payments, and could I please confirm my account by telling them my credit card information? Sure, but the problem was, I had no credit card anymore. Not for several years now, in fact. I couldn’t get certified, no matter how many times I tried, no matter if I tried it with my old card number, which apparently, was still stored in their records.

I tried purchasing something from Amazon in the hope that that would certify my account (I bought a Kindle single called My Seinfeld Year for $1.99), and it went through without a hitch, but going back into Cydia, it still asked for a card certification before it would allow my purchase to go through. No choice. I had to get a new credit card.

I don’t know if my old trouble would come back to haunt me, even though I had settled it some years ago, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. So I texted my old friend Topper, whose wife Reggie worked at a bank, and was trying to get me to apply for a new card years ago. He said, yes, it was worth a try, as long as I had some proof of billing, like a couple of cable or phone bills. I’m seeing him tomorrow to give him the papers and for me to accomplish the application forms. Fingers crossed.

On the laptop front, I finally decided to get an 11″ MacBook Air, the one with an i5 processor, with twice the RAM and twice the flash storage. Essentially the top of the line, short of having one built to order. Not that I really needed one, but it would make a great 50th birthday present for me. At least that’s how I justified it.

So I closed the deal for one last Sunday evening. It was good deal, P47k for a two-month old laptop. The original price online was P60k. The problem was, the seller was still a student (or a teacher, I don’t know), and had school, and the earliest he could break away was the weekend. Damn it. So I’ll have to wait, and sit on the cash I set aside already for it. Long damn wait.

So far that’s the state of my gadget life.

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