No shows, dammit!

Adel Gabot


It’s the friggin’ dead zone as far as new TV shows are concerned, and I hate it!

I have software that automatically downloads these shows without any intervention from me, and I used to come home to at two or three new episodes of my favorite American television shows every day. Sometimes there are more than eight or nine of them, and I have to go to bed without seeing them all.

But now, there’s none, and it’s been that way for the past few days. Even The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is on a break, and I’ve lost even that this week.

This system’s been my go-to entertainment fix for a few years now, in place of watching cable or broadcast TV, or watching DVDs and blurays. Every day, there are at least a few episodes available: The Big Bang Theory. The Blacklist. Blindspot. The Flash. Supergirl. Suits. Arrow. NCIS. The Walking Dead. Family Guy. Stuff like that. (I realize most of these shows are mindless, American pop fodder, but hey, it’s my life, and I’ll watch what I want.)

They’ve all aired their series finales and gone on their breaks. The other shows who’ve been on breaks haven’t premiered their new seasons yet, so I’m effectively stuck in replay hell, save for the odd show on the odd TV cycle sked, like Inside Amy Schumer, or those debuting off the normal cycle, like Preacher.

But dammit. there’s virutally nothing to watch, and I’m forced to just go back to work on my backlog of stuff or watch, God forbid, regular cable and broadcast TV. Or just sleep.

Wala lang. Just ranting.

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