Feb 1 2009

Embarrassment of riches

Adel Gabot

watchmenOne of the biggest things I’m looking forward to this year, like many other geeks, is Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie. It’s a mixed blessing. I know I will likely enjoy everything their Massively Mercenary Marketing Tie-in Monster Machine will put out (which is just about everything it possibly can, from Dr. Manhattan blue body paint to Silk Spectre thongs). But as a devoted and avowed sucker for all things Watchmen, I also know I shall calmly hand over my money and try to get everything I can afford. (Well, maybe not the thongs.)

Over the years, I’ve already gotten two copies of the trade paperback, the massive Absolute Watchmen book, the complete original first-print comic book run and a set of the reprints. But by the looks of things, my misery’s just getting started.

The movie won’t be out for a while, but already tons of pre-release merchandise is incoming. I ran across news last night about one I’m particularly salivating over:


It’s a DVD/Blu Ray tie-in of a portion of the graphic novel Snyder couldn’t sneak in the movie for reasons of length. So Smarty Pants Snyder instead made it into a separate animated feature. Tales of The Black Freighter is a full-length version of the comic-within-the-comic, and is voiced by 300‘s Gerard Butler. The disc will also have a live-action faux docu called Under The Hood, Hollis Mason‘s look at the costumed hero’s history, using the original actors. Plus deleted scenes and other features.

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