Jan 31 2009

I’m back. But why, dear God?

Adel Gabot


Hello again.

I recently started teaching a workshop on blogging and online writing, and I realized with some embarrassment that I don’t, uh, practice what I preach. Not for a while now, anyway.

I used to blog like a man possessed. Personal blogs, professional blogs, group blogs. Then last year I just sort of …burned out. All my other work-related writing sapped my blogging mojo, I guess. It was all I could to tap out 160-character Twitter posts, and not even regularly at that.

When my students asked me last week for their teacher’s blog URL, I didn’t know what to say.

So I figured I’d reboot my blogging life so I can teach with a bit more authority. At first I considered reviving my old and venerable Electric Journal, but thought starting afresh was easier.

I really think we all need to wipe the blackboard clean with a damp rag every now and then. Find a fresh box of chalk. And then make the chalk screech something fierce, and often, and maybe rattle some teeth in the process.

So I’m back, for better or worse.

By the way, that Gaiman quote on the header? It’s a real quote. Really.

Saw it two years ago the day Neil it posted on his blog and used it immediately for the title of an experimental blog attempt of mine that hardly saw the light of day. So I got dibs on it, if anyone asks. I’m exercising my dib rights and using it again. I love the quote – it so effing perfectly describes my work, especially these days, as a full time copyeditor and sometime fictionist. I eat lots of vegetables on workdays and now and then I treat myself to dessert. But I think I’ll be snacking more often now.

(And the silly picture of Neil Gaiman burping? It’s a real one too. I took it myself. Really. Truly. Really truly.)

Ok then. Let’s get to that Snack Bar.