Mar 3 2009

Funny and sexy sometimes mix…

Adel Gabot

…but not in this case.


Apatow’s Angels: Rudd, Rogen, Segel and Hill. Ugh.

From Vanity Fair, picture by Annie Leibovitz, spoofing her own original 2006 VF cover photo.

Feb 26 2009

Morbid fun

Adel Gabot


From the Walang Magawa Department:

Ground Zero from CarlosLabs combines Google Maps and Nuclear Weapons. Pick your city, pick your bomb, then just Nuke it!


Feb 15 2009

Eternal Sunshine of My Spotty Mind

Adel Gabot


Screencap of one of my Dashboard widgets today. It’s going to be a long summer.

Feb 2 2009

More Snacking with Adel

Adel Gabot

Apparently, there are a lot of places where you can really go snacking with Adel. Or at least in a place called Adel:

(Someday I hope to actually visit these places, and pretend they’re mine.)


nutsYou can also go drinking with Adel (or buy something to drink, anyway):

Adel’s Wine Cellar in San Francisco, California

And munch on imported nuts with Adel:

Sirjan Adel’s Pistachio Co. in Iran


Having Google around makes you write silly things.