Oct 19 2015

Testing testing

Adel Gabot

Screenshot 194


Excuse me here. Just testing out a new off-line blogging app called MarsEdit, Version 3.72. I’m writing this post on it now.

It’s one of the blogging apps that lets me post outside of using my trusty old browser, and sets it up so that I can do local drafts offline, and then lets me upload it later.

So far MarsEdit’s been interesting, if a little too basic.

No WYSIWYG as far as I can see. It doesn’t do on-the-fly formatting like the browser-based WordPress editor, and inserts the HTML codes for formatting and media inserts in basic, rough form, although it lets me select from a menu so I don’t have to enter the codes manually. But it’s really a bother.

Like when I have to bold-face the time stamp: I have to highlight the time, click on the Format drop-down menu on the upper right of the window, scroll down to Style, then to Bold. On the browser editor I just have to highlight the text then click on the Bold icon on the menu. Can you imagine if I have to bold/itaclize huge amounts of separate text (as I am wont to do)?

And inserting media, like pictures or video, is the same convoluted way. I inserted a JPG of the process of writing in MarsEdit on here, and I don’t even know if it will tack on properly; I just pointed the app to the graphic on my desktop and it inserted it in web-speak at the top of the post. We’ll see.

At least there is an as-you-write Preview pane on the side that lets me see what my post would look like in the blog, and there is a main posts window that lets me select an entry to edit, or to create a new post, apart from an actual writing pane.

I registered my blog and set up the account on the program when I first started it up. Now we’ll see if works as advertised.



POSTSCRIPT on the Browser Editor:

Hey, it generally works, although there are a couple of niggles.

First, it seems Categories is different from Tags on MarsEdit. I had ‘Software’ on Tags when I meant to put it in Categories, and it went Uncategorized as a result. Noted.

Second, the picture came through, although it came out much smaller than I intended. Here, for the sake of completion, is the actual 500px JPG inserted in the usual manner (which is, I upload the JPG to the Media Library of the blog, then paste it into the text):


I don’t think I’ll be using MarsEdit much (like Blogo, which is much better than MarEdit, but double-uploads the graphics for some reason), but it’s nice to know it’s there if I ever need it.

And the search for a good off-line blogging app continues.